Angry Gran Run: London

Angry Gran Run: London
Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
2 Players
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Granny's sideways movement mouse-all mouse-all
Jump mouse-all
Tackle mouse-all
Turn to another street mouse-all mouse-all
Pause mouse-all or mouse-all

Angry Granny is hospitalized in London and, of course, she can't wait to escape from there. But her escape will be far from simple - on the way will be the most unpredictable obstacles. To granny managed to feel freedom, you will have to show incredible reflexes and agility.

In this updated release of the game there will be a new character - Harry. He will be an additional inspiration for all players, but to play him, you will have to collect enough coins scattered throughout the city. On the way, the grandmother will meet various obstacles: from double-decker buses to huge tea cups and cylinders - all this will hinder the heroine in her quest for freedom. One slip up and she will remain caught.

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