Jungle Run OZ Online

Jungle Run OZ Online
Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
12 Players
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Control Zombie mouse-all mouse-all
Jump mouse-all or mouse-all
Tackle mouse-all or mouse-all
Turn into a mutant / Speed up in the guise of a mutant mouse-all

In this runner you will take control of a zombie who has broken out of his dugout to catch up with the one who dared to wake him from his eternal sleep. There are many obstacles and traps ahead, but no obstacle will stop him on his way to retribution!

You will help the zombie to avoid obstacles, so as not to lose speed and not to lose strength. Don't forget to collect a magic potion to replenish the lost energy after a long sleep. Zombie moves forward on his own, and you have to show him the way and give commands when to jump or make a roll. And remember that the potion can turn you into a real mutant! Click on the jaws with fangs to activate the improved zombie abilities, which will allow you to demolish everything in your path. But be careful, this power-up consumes your health quickly, and eventually you'll turn back into a regular mortal zombie.

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