Eugenes Life

Eugenes Life
Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
1 Players
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Eugene move mouse-all mouse-all or mouse-all mouse-all
Jump/ Turn into a bubble mouse-all or mouse-all
Pull back the elastic band/ Go down/ Crouch down mouse-all or mouse-all
Pause/ Menu mouse-all or mouse-all
Restart mouse-all
Full screen mouse-all

A world of adventure beckons you to join the jelly blob Eugene. Dangerous valleys filled with traps and riddles await Eugene in this exciting romp. Help the kid to use all his abilities and get through the deadly traps that await him at every turn.

Glide through twisting loops, brave the ropes course or swing on the swings as you explore mysterious cave tunnels. Show your ingenuity, jump over spikes and collect coins to complete all levels of this exciting journey. Don't forget to use Eugene's bubble ability to fly over chasms or avoid traps. Clear the partitions and open up new paths. Are you ready for this exciting adventure? Then hit the road and overcome all the obstacles on your way to victory!

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