Short Life
Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
5 Players
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Start level over mouse-all
Character control mouse-all mouse-all or mouse-all mouse-all
Pause mouse-all
Jump mouse-all
Crouch mouse-all
Fullscreen mouse-all

Prepare to go through many deadly trials together with the brave, bearded traveler. He will have to overcome the traps waiting in every room and reach the final level, avoiding any violence. Show agility and accurately move the guy, because everywhere there are many dangers, collision with which will lead to imminent death. 

Control the movements of the bearded man and prevent any misfortune that could cut short his life. Show wit and dexterity to overcome all the difficulties that await you. Each level will become more and more difficult, but do not lose courage and prove your bravery, despite all the difficulties of life.

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