Poppy Playtime: Shourcut Race

Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
14 Players
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Huggy Waggy control mouse-all mouse-all

Huggy Wuggy has decided to change his life and become a friendly creature, and now he is ready to become a participant in the race for the prize. It's up to you to help him on this adventure, controlling his movement and helping him overcome obstacles on his way to victory.

Huggy Wuggy runs only forward, and you need to pave the best way for him, collecting bricks and skillfully crossing the river. Don't forget that other participants of the race are also striving to win, so be wise and use your cunning to get around them.
If Huggy Wuggy gets to the finish line first, islands with numbers will open in front of him, which will determine how much he can increase his score. You have to help him choose the right island to reach using the remaining bricks. Remember that if Huggy Wuggy doesn't get the first place, the level will have to start again.

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