Subway Surfers Venice

Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
71 Players
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Jake's movement mouse-all or mouse-all mouse-all
Jump up mouse-all or mouse-all
Somersault mouse-all or mouse-all
Use a skate mouse-all
Pause/ Menu mouse-all

Venice welcomes a talented artist! The guy is being chased by a railroad boss, and your task is to escape from him. In the game you will have to control a teenager named Jake. You will have to jump from roof to roof of the cars and maneuver along the rails, avoiding obstacles. Accompanied by exciting music, your escape begins. ываца

Control Jake with the keyboard buttons "WASD" or arrows to overcome all obstacles. Don't forget to collect bonuses in the form of scattered coins, which you can later exchange for various items, such as a skateboard or a flying backpack, to speed up the guy's escape.

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