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PC only game
14 Players
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Move the little man mouse-all mouse-all
Jump mouse-all
Slide mouse-all
Hit the floor mouse-all mouse-all mouse-all
Pause mouse-all or mouse-all
Restart mouse-all

In this parkour game inspired by the "Vex" style, you will go on an adventure together with a brave little man with a round head, exploring dangerous black and white locations. You will have to overcome many obstacles: high walls, narrow openings, and skillfully jump over spikes to reach the finish line, which is marked by a flag.

Control your character using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Learn the instructions and master the controls to masterfully maneuver through the levels. Break through the slabs that are marked with strokes. Reaching the checkbox in each level will unlock access to the next one. Be careful and avoid collisions with traps, otherwise you'll have to start the level over again!

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