Fancy Pants Adventures: World 1

Fancy Pants Adventures: World 1
Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
2 Players
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Control Fancy Pants mouse-all mouse-all
Jump mouse-all
Open the door mouse-all
Crouch mouse-all
Pause mouse-all
Turn music on and off mouse-all

Fancy Pants decides to go to the rescue of the princess, who fell into the clutches of bandits. However, the way to liberation is not easy - he is waiting for a lot of trials and fights with enemies who are waiting for him at every turn. The action unfolds in a wonderful painted world where the villains have great power, but they will have to face Fancy Pants.

 Our hero has the ability to make high jumps and even do somersaults in the air, but he is not given the art of fighting at all. Therefore, when an enemy appears on the horizon, the best thing to do is to jump over him. However, if the situation becomes more serious, you can deliver a devastating blow by landing directly on the enemy's head. Some of the bandits turn out to be more dangerous than the rest and can use weapons by firing drawn bullets. To advance to the next level and get closer to saving the princess, you need to find the hidden door and enter it, opening new chapters of this adventure.

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