Fireboy and Watergirl Walkthrough

Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
4 Players
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Player 1
Water control mouse-all mouse-all
Jump mouse-all
Fire control mouse-all mouse-all
Jump mouse-all
Player 2
Fire control mouse-all mouse-all
Jump mouse-all

Friends Fire and Water prove that even the most different elements can become best friends. Together they traveled to a forest temple to search for gems, but on the way they were faced with difficult challenges. In the game, which can be played alone or with a friend, you will have to control these elemental heroes in turn to overcome all the obstacles and help each other.

Fire Boy crosses lava rivers without difficulty, but for Water Girl this is a real danger, because her element is water. Don't forget about fire traps, which are an easy obstacle for the boy, but a vaporizing threat for the girl. Emeralds friends can only collect emeralds of their own color, so plan the route of each hero so that they can act together and get to the goal together. After all, it is in combining their forces that the key to success lies.

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