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PC only game
4 Players
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Control the dragon mouse-all or mouse-all
Take off mouse-all
Speed up mouse-all
Fireball mouse-all
Dragon breath mouse-all mouse-all mouse-all
Tail kick mouse-all
Jump mouse-all
Go down to earth mouse-all
Somersault in the air mouse-all
Open the chat mouse-all
Open the map mouse-all
Main menu mouse-all

Today you will find yourself in the skin of an extraordinary dragon and test all its capabilities. Make your enemies fear you by using your main weapon - fire breath. Explore the world with your new pet, attack other players with flames or deliver crushing blows with your tail. Unleash the full potential of your dragon, making it the king of this virtual world.

Your dragon can move both on the ground and in the air. Find new victims and use your abilities on them. Destroy enemies so that they do not prevent you from realizing your plans. Maneuver in the air, performing extraordinary tricks and enjoy life together with your new favorite. 

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