Subway Surfers Seoul

Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
19 Players
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Control Surfer mouse-all or mouse-all mouse-all mouse-all
Take a skate mouse-all

This time, the bully Jake decided to do a little transformation of a railroad car in the heart of Seoul. Along with him, a girl named Mina has now joined the adventure, and they are once again trying to elude an enraged policeman in order to avoid punishment and a fine. Avoiding obstacles becomes a priority in the game, as it allows you to maintain your speed and successfully evade the pursuer.

The update of this game has brought variety in the form of new skateboards, great outfits and other interesting improvements. Escape from the policeman turns out to be a difficult task that requires careful observation of moving cars. You will have to avoid collisions with stationary obstacles and rocks. Heroes can use skateboard for acceleration, but unfortunately, it has a property to wear out quickly. In addition, there are other useful bonuses scattered along the way, which can help Jake and Mina.

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