Rally Point 6

Rally Point 6
Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
6 Players
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Drive the car mouse-all or mouse-all
Handbrake / Drift mouse-all or mouse-all or mouse-all or mouse-all
Nitro mouse-all or mouse-all or mouse-all or mouse-all
Back on track mouse-all
Stop the game mouse-all or mouse-all
Hide interface mouse-all or mouse-all

It will be a real adventure on wheels! You will have to explore different tracks and win by overcoming obstacles on the way to the finish line. You can plunge into the world of exciting races, divided into nine levels. At each stage you will be waiting for a new location - be it city streets, dense forest or snowy expanses of winter biome.

To successfully complete the level and reach the finish line on time, you will have to demonstrate your driving skills and choose the right car for a particular track. If you go through the snowy expanses, choose a car with reliable tires for excellent traction. And on straight sections, don't forget to use nitro to gain maximum speed and outrun your rivals. But don't forget about the importance of listening to your partner, who will give you hints about the upcoming corners, so you can make the right decisions at key moments of the race.

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