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PC only game
5 Players
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Set the direction and force of the ball mouse-all mouse-all or mouse-all mouse-all

This game requires from you not only dexterity and marksmanship, but also patience to guide the white golf ball straight to the hole marked with a red flag. There are 24 levels in front of you, each of which becomes more and more difficult and interesting. Your goal is to overcome all the obstacles and bring the ball to the finish line.

To aim, hold down the LMB and drag the dotted line. As soon as you determine the trajectory that seems to be the most suitable, release the mouse and the ball will go on its way. But be careful: on each level you will encounter various obstacles, such as sharp spikes and unpredictable obstacles. If you hit them, the balloon will burst. Show skill and stamina to successfully pass through all the tests and reach the finish line. 

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