Escape Masters

Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
4 Players
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Pave the way mouse-all

A successful jailbreak requires not only physical endurance, but also cunning. Today you'll be the brains behind organizing an escape for a couple of prisoners who want to be free. Take a shovel and get ready to lay an underground path to the exit of the prison, because you must provide a safe and unnoticeable descent to the truck that will take them to freedom.

Press the LMB and carefully make your way through the sand, creating underground tunnels. The prisoners will be able to pass through them, avoiding direct encounters with the guards. Don't forget about the tasks at each level - collect gold coins buried in the sand and help your cellmates to escape from the prison. With each new level the difficulty will increase, but your intelligence and ingenuity will help you to realize a successful escape.

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