King Rugni Tower Conquest

Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
5 Players
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Build a defense mouse-all

An evil shadow loomed over Rugni's kingdom as vicious monsters emerged from the gloomy forest and rushed towards the castle. But not all was lost, for the king heeded the warnings and prepared to defend his people. With a cunning plan in mind, King Rugni urgently ordered the construction of defense towers and walls to begin along the path the sinister creatures had chosen for their attack. Now was the time for strategy and wisdom.

On the clever map charts, you can see a skull surrounded by a line that heralds the approach of enemies. Once the line coalesces, the offensive will begin and time will run out all too quickly. Place defensive towers and fortresses at key points to stop the invasion and inflict the most damage. Don't forget about magic - you can use it to stop the invaders. But be careful: magic requires gold coins, and you have to earn them to buy powerful spells. Only you can save the kingdom of Rugni from the dark threat. Build defenses, use magic and protect your people from evil!

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