Eliza's Neon Hairstyle

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PC only game
3 Players
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To do Elise's hair mouse-all

Eliza dreamed of changing her image for a long time, and one day she came across an interesting article in a women's magazine about a new trend - neon hair coloring. Inspired by this idea, she immediately decided to try something new and planned a trip to the beauty salon.

At the salon, with a photo in hand, Eliza settled into a chair and entrusted her hair to the professionals. She scrutinized every step of the transformation, making sure that the style she chose would be exactly like the photo. Eliza is waiting to see the result - a new, fresh and stylish hairstyle in neon shades. Before you start coloring, it is important to prepare your hair well. Start with nourishing masks and a thorough wash to make sure your locks will be ready for the change. Then, examine a picture of a model from a magazine that the client liked and try to replicate that style. 

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