Air Wars 3

Air Wars 3
Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
7 Players
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Zoom increase mouse-all or mouse-all
Aircraft control mouse-all or mouse-all or mouse-all
Airplane acceleration mouse-all
Slow motion mouse-all
Shoot mouse-all
Exit to the menu mouse-all

A beautiful shooter with stunning visuals and a variety of military aircraft. You will have to maneuver over the cities on various planes, fighting off the attacks of enemies. Hurry up to team up with friends in online mode and win this brutal and ruthless war.

Each successfully completed level will bring coins, which can be used to buy new models of airplanes for a more efficient passage of the next missions. The main rule is not to waste time, but to constantly search and destroy enemy vehicles. You have limited time, so don't waste it - act quickly and decisively!

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