Toilet Rush

Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
2 Players
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Trollface control mouse-all mouse-all or mouse-all mouse-all
Jump mouse-all or mouse-all

In order not to have a misfortune, you need to help an unusual hero - a virtual character named Trollface - to cope with a very annoying problem. He urgently needs to go to the toilet, and you have to help him get there as quickly as possible. But be ready for challenges: each level is filled with various obstacles, traps and even competitors who are no less eager to take a place on the toilet. 

Use the arrows on the keyboard to control the movement of Trollface, jumping over obstacles and accelerating to bypass everyone who wants to take a place on the white throne first. Turn on your logical thinking to solve puzzles and reach the goal to get your business done as soon as possible!

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