Angry Gran Run: Russia

Angry Gran Run: Russia
Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
1 Players
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Gran's sideways movement mouse-all mouse-all
Jump mouse-all
Tackle mouse-all
Turn to another street mouse-all mouse-all
Pause mouse-all or mouse-all

Brave Granny continues her journey, and this time her adventures have taken her to snowy Russia. Here she will have to face not only passers-by, whom she can mercilessly kick, but also numerous obstacles like matryoshka dolls, logs, and even tanks, which should be deftly jumped over. 

The main goal is to run as far as possible. It is important not only to avoid obstacles, but also to actively collect gold scattered along the road. The more coins you manage to collect, the more points you will earn. In addition, Babushka can turn to other streets if there is a dead end in front of her. Adventures on Russian roads promise to be exciting, given their roughness and constant surprises.

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