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PC only game
6 Players
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Player 1
Change of gravity mouse-all or mouse-all or mouse-all or mouse-all or mouse-all
Stop the game mouse-all
Player 2
Change of gravity mouse-all
Player 3
Change of gravity mouse-all
Player 4
Change of gravity mouse-all

The center of attention of this game is a little man wearing gravity boots. Your task is to help him get to the finish line in normal mode or just enjoy endless fun, avoiding deadly traps and changing gravity.

You will have to overcome a variety of obstacles, but the main thing is not to die. If there is an abyss ahead, do not worry - just press any button on the keyboard or mouse to change the gravity. This will allow the hero to stick to the ceiling, if he previously ran on the floor, and vice versa. This way, you'll be able to avoid traps and jump over chasms. However, remember that you can only use this ability when your feet touch the surface. The trick won't work in the air, so be vigilant!

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