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PC only game
6 Players
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Pedaling a bicycle mouse-all
Jump mouse-all
Duck mouse-all

You will have an adventure on a two-wheeled horse - a small bicycle, saddling which the hero of our story, a naked man, bravely flushes into the dangerous mountain expanses. Among ice formations and bitter frost, he is not afraid to test fate and conquer new heights.

Controlling the bike, where the hero boldly sits, you will have to maneuver among the many dangers and collect soap bubbles - valuable jewels of this world. Do your best not to meet obstacles on the way and not to turn off the path into the abyss. Remember, every obstacle on your way is a new challenge, and only skillful bike control will help you to overcome them. Do not forget about attention and caution, because even a small reservation can be the cause of death, and your task - to bring the man to his goal unharmed. If you crash your transportation, the man will freeze and you will have to start your journey again.

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