Home Pipe Water Puzzle

Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
6 Players
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Rotate and connect pipes mouse-all

Being a plumber is not a joke at all. You'll have to deal with connecting pipes so that each apartment has both hot and cold water. However, you have to be extremely careful to avoid trouble, for example, so that toxic waste does not get into the shower cubicle of one of the ladies.

In addition, you will have to try yourself in the role of a robber and help the protagonist to clean the vaults with gold. The game presents a variety of tasks, in each of which you will need to connect pipes to direct water or gold coins through them. Sometimes you will have to quit your job as a plumber and become a fireman to put out the fire that has arisen in a multi-story building. For each completed task you will receive rewards, which you can spend on buying new clothes or even pets. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of professional challenges and experience all the variety of work of a plumber, burglar and firefighter in one game!

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