Save The Dog

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PC only game
10 Players
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Draw protection for the dog mouse-all or mouse-all

What an unexpected turn of events! The puppy had to pay dearly for his sweet desires. Become the savior of a cute curious puppy from aggressive bees! Only your ingenuity and dexterity will help to curb this dangerous swarm. Depending on the circumstances, use your drawing skills to create a protective structure that can keep your puppy safe for 10 seconds. 

Both hoods and spheres are useful - the choice depends on the situation. Don't forget to use the glove tip to draw lines accurately. To do this, simply guide the line in the air. Be careful though: if the line touches the ground or the spikes below, it will automatically end. Remember that every decision counts, and bees don't slumber. If they get through your structure and sting your pup, you lose. Be careful, show your agility and quick action skills to win and save our faithful friend!

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