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PC only game
2 Players
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Player 1
Piranha control mouse-all
Player 2
Piranha control mouse-all
Player 3
Piranha control mouse-all

Immerse yourself in the unique hierarchy of the ocean where the strong devour the weak. In this game, you have to become a piranha and survive in a ruthless fight for survival. Start your journey at the bottom of the ocean as a small fish and grow, eating only those smaller than you and avoiding being food for the big predators. 

The game is available for either one player or three, each of whom can control their own piranha. In the first stages, control your fish to eat only small prey and dodge danger. Gradually, fed up piranha, becomes larger and can attack larger victims. For each caught treat you earn points, which will become your personal record at the end of the game. Get ready for unpredictable battles in the endless depths of the ocean!

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