Tallman Run

Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
7 Players
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Man control mouse-all or mouse-all
Go forward mouse-all or mouse-all or mouse-all or mouse-all

Now you will go to conquer new horizons together with a rather brave character. Your task is to lead the guy through a maze of traps and obstacles, so that he becomes stronger and riddled, and thus prepared to defeat all his opponents. Lead the guy to the gate, where math challenges are waiting for him that will help him become even stronger. Bypass the tricks and collect bonuses to collect a squad for yourself and defeat your enemies at the finish line. 

Control your character and guide him to the blue gate, where you have to perform addition or multiplication to increase his strength and size. Avoid the red gate with subtraction and division, otherwise the hero will lose power. Collect precious crystals to strengthen his abilities. If your character becomes strong enough by the end of the journey, he will be able to overpower the giant and achieve victory.

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