Аladdin Run

Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
3 Players
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Control Aladdin mouse-all

A great arcade game featuring everyone's favorite Aladdin! The main character has to resort to difficult ways of earning money, stealing bread on the streets of the city. But today the situation turned into a chase for him, and he will have to use all his skills to get away from the pursuit.

You will have to help Aladdin to aptly handle the obstacles and overcome all the obstacles on the way. Control the hero with swipes on the screen or with the mouse. Swipe up for a jump and down for a somersault to avoid obstacles. The player needs to be attentive and react quickly to avoid collisions with obstacles and prevent the chaser from catching Aladdin. Remember that even one mistake can cost you the win, so keep your hand on the pulse and don't slow down!

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