Short Life 2

Short Life 2
Unfortunately, this game is no longer available
PC only game
6 Players
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Control the man mouse-all
Pause/ Menu mouse-all or mouse-all
Restart mouse-all

Help the lost wanderer to reach a safe haven, because his path is strewn with dangers and difficult challenges. Before the guy stretches a maze of dark paths and deep gorges. Spikes stick out of the ground, eager to pierce his flesh. To move forward, the bearded man will have to deftly dodge them and quickly rush forward, avoiding the traps that are hidden in every corner.

Guide the bearded man through the nightmarish maze, because you are the only one who can help him avoid danger and reach the end point.
But that's just the beginning. As you progress along the way, the obstacles become more dangerous and confusing. Ancient traps, deadly pits, and falling blocks rise up. One false step and the wanderer is doomed to defeat. Only skillful control and quick reflexes will help him survive and reach the end.

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